25 July 2011

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28 November 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP)

Again with the giant Key-swords...

Kingdom Hearts! Running through colourful Disney worlds with anime-esque characters from the mind of one of the major players in the Final Fantasy creative process! Overly complicated and nonsensical storylines! Cheesy monologues about the power of friendship and the heart! It's all still in here!

11 November 2010

Vanquish Review

Cover based shooting never moved like this!

Some games like to pull you in with a deep story. Some games like to keep you hooked with huge character development system. Some games provide immense worlds to explore and conquer. Vanquish is none of these games. The key is simplicity. Oh and craploads of robots shooting at you whilst you boost around in your rocket suit shooting them in slow motion. Sound like fun?

3 November 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Tactical Espionage Action in the palm of your hands!

The Metal Gear series blends sneaky stealth and mech destroying action with often ridiculous storylines and a whole heap of weapons and gadgets. The latest in the series, 'Peace Walker' aims to convince you a Metal Gear game works just as well on the bus as on a HD TV. Mixing the classic gameplay with the task of recruiting and building a millitary team, and throwing in plenty of side missions and secrets, just how well does it manage?

7 September 2010

Dragon Quest IX: Putting the game back into RPG

The latest instalment in the popular Dragon Quest series has sold well, and with the advertising campaign still going strong in the UK, it's interesting to see this as being billed as something for the more casual gamer, with kids and mothers getting together for some four way monster bashing action in the adverts. Taking a good look at the game, it starts to make sense, with its bright colours, and character and monster designs as ever by Akira Toriyama, perhaps better known as the artist behind the Dragonball manga and anime series.

13 July 2010

Demon's Souls review

Demon's Souls - PS3

Hack and slash and die, a lot.

Demon's Souls does something to me which I feel has been missing from games for a while. When entering a new area or blindly stumbling through tight corridors, I get a real sense of anxiety. Setting off a trap or wandering into the sight of a new enemy whose attack patterns are still a mystery usually spells death, and having to go back and retread the level again. Each new area is entered slowly, methodically, and tensely - should I go back and make use of the souls I have collected? Or press on and risk losing them?

26 May 2010

Heavy Rain review

Riding atop a wave of genius, or drowning in it's ambition?

Movies and computer games have shared an unsteady relationship. Making movies based on computer games or indeed computer games based on movies usually leads to poor results. But with better graphics and the success of story based games there has been an urge from some developers to marry games and cinema, to provide an experience with both the rich characters and story of a great film and the interaction and exploration of a computer game.

Heavy Rain, from Quantic Dreams, is the latest to try it's had at this type of game. Combining the feel of a psychological thriller, with a whodunnit, and giving the player control over the actions of several key characters in the plot, it engages you in the story and pushes you to answer the question- Who is the Origami Killer?